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Professional Grade.
Athlete Tested.

Featuring Venture Heat® exclusive waterproof heating technology. Custom built from the ground up using our proprietary underwater heating innovations and an unparalled safety design.
In order to provide all customers ample opportunity to purchase a dive suit, we have temporarily limited dive suits sales to 1 per customer.
Shipping is a flat $15 nationwide, which includes signature upon delivery.
Please note dive suits are excluded from all discounts
SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest
SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest
SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest
SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest
SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest
SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest
SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest
SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest
SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest
SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest

SPORT V3 Waterproof Heated Surfing Vest


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    What it is: Professional grade water sports heated vest with two back heating zones
    Heat-zones: upper back & lower back
    Runtime: 115 minutes with on/off function only, compatible with 1 battery

    What's in the box: includes heated vest, one 5000mAh 11.1V battery + charger

    SPORT V3 - The Specs


    SPORT V3 for Water Sports

    • a special dual-back heating placement allows surfers to comfortably paddle without laying on the heating
    • plug & play design with 1 battery compatibility is lightweight and easy to use
    • features on/off with a push-button battery activation

    Carbon Fiber Heating

    The SPORT V3 utilizes our exclusive saltwater-safe carbon nanofiber heating technology in our improved butterfly shape for better heating coverage.
    Heating output is 32 watts, which is about 3x the warmth of our average battery heated non-waterproof apparel.

    All New V3 Battery

    You spoke, we listened.

    Our new V3 waterproof battery is completely redesigned

    • shorter and squatter to better fit all body shapes.

    • now features a battery status light so you can see the remaining charge in left in the battery before each dive excursion

    • features an battery on/off button
    • upgraded from the previous V2 (pin-style) design to prevent accidental damage and improve connection

    Plug and Play

    Easily power on/off your waterproof heated vest via the simple push-button power button on the battery.

    100% Waterproof Heating

    All V3 vest models are 100% waterproof to 100 meters/300 feet.

    Optimal Usage for

    Designed for sports with direct water exposure, including surfing, kayaking, sailing, jetski, parasailing, paddleboarding, fishing, and so much more. Yes, you can use the product dry as well.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which waterproof heated suit should I purchase?

    Underwater divers should choose between PRO V3 (for wetsuit/drysuit) and DRY V3 (for drysuit) models. We do not generally recommend the SPORT V3 to divers as it is "plug & play", and does not feature a wrist remote for easy underwater control.
    Non-diving watersports (surfing, kayaking, fishing, sailing, paddleboarding, jetski, etc.) can utilize our entry-level SPORT V3 model. The heating output is the same as the PRO and DRY, though both panels are placed in the back-zone. Only 1 battery compatibility.
    All models utilize the same waterproofing and feature the same max operational depth (300 ft/100m).

    Do you ship internationally?

    We do not currently ship internationally.
    Those shopping internationally can shop our direct from our authorized dealers:
    North America:
    EU & Netherlands: Venture Heat EU - powered by Sea & Sea Benelux BV
    Russia: OK DIVE
    Asia & Australia:
    Australia: First Stage Pty Ltd

    Which size will fit me best?

    While we don't offer custom sizing recommendations, generally your US unisex t-shirt size will be a good fit. We also offer a size chart in the product listing to help determine your best fit.
    Each suit comes standard with a stretchy zip-in expansion panel, which allows you to expand the suit to a more custom fit.

    Is the V3 battery compatible with previous versions?

    Due to the new plug connector type, the V3 battery is not compatible with V1 or V2 versions of our dive suits.