What to Wear Golfing When it’s Cold: Layer Up with These Tips

Golfing is an outdoor activity enjoyed by many, but when the weather turns cold, it can be challenging to dress appropriately for the course. The key to staying warm and comfortable while playing golf in colder temperatures is layering. In this article, we will discuss the different clothing items that will help you stay warm and comfortable while golfing in the cold. Here is an overview of the items we will cover: 

Base Layer

The base layer is the layer closest to your skin, and it is crucial for keeping you warm and dry while golfing in the cold. A good base layer should be moisture-wicking and insulating. Look for thermal tops and bottoms made of materials like synthetic fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin. You want to make sure that it fits snugly but not too tight, as this will restrict your movement. It should also be long enough to tuck into your pants to keep your lower back and torso warm. 

Sweater or Mid Layer

A sweater is an excellent layer to wear over your base layer. It adds warmth without adding bulk, and it is easy to remove if you start to feel too warm. A wool sweater or a synthetic fleece is a good choice. Look for a sweater that is not too thick so that you can still move freely while swinging your golf club. When choosing a sweater, look for one with a high collar that can be zipped up to keep your neck warm. Here at Venture Heat, we have our Men and Woman's Heated Sweater Knit Fleece Jacket that comes with 3 heat zones that target your back and chest. It also comes with 3 heat levels so you can easily adjust the heating to your personal preference.   

A woman stretching wearing a mid layer


A vest is a versatile layer that can be worn over your base layer or sweater. It provides extra warmth to your core while leaving your arms free to move. Look for a vest made of materials such as polyester or nylon, which are breathable and water-resistant. A down vest is also a great option for extra insulation. Make sure that the vest fits well, so it doesn't interfere with your swing. Look for one that is lightweight and compressible, so it doesn't add too much bulk to your outfit. A vest with a high collar will help keep your neck warm, and a vest with pockets is always a plus for storing small items such as tees or golf balls.

A woman wearing a vest in the outdoors


When it comes to pants, you want something that is comfortable, flexible, and warm. Look for golf pants made of materials such as polyester or nylon, which are breathable and water-resistant. You can also opt for a pair of thermal leggings or long johns to wear underneath your golf pants for extra warmth. Or if you are planning to golf in more extreme cold weather conditions, we would recommend investing in a pair of heated pants that would offer warm and comfort like our Unisex Heated Sweatpants. Make sure that they are not too tight, as this will restrict your movement while swinging. You want to be able to move freely without feeling constricted. A pair of pants with pockets is also a good option for storing small items such as tees or golf balls.


When golfing in the cold, it's essential to wear shoes that are waterproof and warm. Look for golf shoes with a waterproof and breathable membrane that will keep your feet dry and prevent them from getting too cold. You can also wear wool socks or thermal socks to help keep your feet warm. Grab a pair with good grip to prevent slipping on wet or icy terrain. A pair of shoes with a high ankle collar will also help keep your feet warm and prevent snow or debris from getting inside.

Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket is a must-have when golfing in the cold with more unpredictable or harsher weather conditions. Look for a jacket made of materials such as Gore-Tex or other breathable, waterproof fabrics. A jacket with a hood is a plus, as it will keep your head and neck warm and dry.


A scarf is an excellent accessory to wear when golfing in the cold. It can be wrapped around your neck to keep you warm and can also be used to cover your face if it gets too cold. Look for a scarf made of a warm material such as wool or fleece. Or if you are looking to make sure that your neck is toasty, we would recommend a heated scarf for unmatched warmth. 


Lastly, don't forget to wear gloves when golfing in the cold. Look for gloves made of materials such as synthetic fabrics that will keep your hands warm and dry. You may also want to consider wearing hand warmers inside your gloves for extra warmth. When choosing gloves, you can opt for fingerless gloves if you prefer to have more control over your swing. Alternatively, you can choose gloves with full fingers for extra warmth. A pair of gloves with a grip on the palms can also help you keep a firm grip on your golf club.

How to Care for and Store Cold Weather Golfing Attire

Proper care and storage of your cold weather golfing attire will help ensure that it lasts for many seasons to come. Always follow the care instructions on your clothing labels, and avoid using fabric softeners, which can clog the moisture-wicking fibers.When storing your clothing, make sure it's clean and dry before putting it away. Store your clothing in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, golfing in the cold can be challenging, but with the right clothing, you can stay warm and comfortable on the course. When dressing for cold weather golfing, remember to layer your clothing, wear waterproof and breathable materials, and don't forget to wear gloves and a scarf to keep you warm from head to toe.

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