Heated Hunting Vest: The Best Vest for Hunting

If you are someone who enjoys outdoor events then you need to get a heated hunting vest. A heated hunting vest is one of the best technologically advanced clothing aimed at protecting you with warmth, especially during freezing weather.

There are several heated hunting vests designed to keep your upper body heated depending on your zone. Depending on your personal needs, ensure you choose the best vest for hunting.

What is the best brand of heated clothing?

If you are looking to purchase your heated hunting vest then you should consider Venture heat. This is one of the best brands of heated clothing after pioneering different wearable heating technology now identified as an industry standard. This brand also offers pain-free, comfortable, affordable, and quality heated products.

How long does a heated vest battery last?

Generally, the best vest for hunting should be able to last for about 5-6 hours on medium, 8-10 hours on low, and 2-3 hours on high.

However, you need to understand that several factors may affect how long your heated hunting vests last. This includes several internal and external factors.

For instance, a heated hunting vest with large battery capacity is going to last longer than one with a small battery capacity.

The battery on your heated hunting vest can also be affected by its location and how it is being used over time. There are different heating locations on your heated hunting vests that help to provide you with the best heating performance and to seal the warmth in for your entire body.

External factors like temperature and weather can also affect how long your battery would last.

The battery on your heated hunting vest will drain faster at a higher temperature than it would at a medium or low temperature. When this happens, it is advisable to replace the battery.

Do heated vests work for hunting?

Hunters need to use a heated hunting vest to keep them warm during their hunting experience. Hunting is an outdoor event that takes place in different seasons. With comfortable and practical hunting clothes, you can have the best hunting experience.

The purpose of heated hunting vests is to prevent hunters from feeling cold so that they can focus on the hunt. So instead of changing your hunting clothes when you feel warm or cold through the hunting experience, you can increase the heat to help dry the inner base layer, and reduce temperature to maintain body heat.

What to consider when buying heated hunting gear

Whether you are a hunter or you want to buy a heated hunting vest for someone, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. These factors include the following: 

#1. Layerability

Layerability of your heated hunting vest is the key to comfort in hunting. Depending on the type of hunting you do, choose styles and fabrics that are suitable for you.

If you are always active, consider light and breathable materials. You also need to consider camo material depending on the area you are hunting.

Overall, avoid materials that contain cotton because they retain moisture and extract heat from your body.

#2. Flexibility

Your heated hunted vest should be flexible and designed to help you move easily. It should give you allowance to choose your hunting position.

#3. Quiet, no rustling sounds

Another thing you should consider when buying a heated hunting vest is the noise. Avoid hunting gears with rustling sounds.

Quiet hunting gear will prevent your prey from spotting and hearing you.

Bonus: zippered pockets for storage

Consider buying heated hunting gears with zipped pockets for storage. This is useful especially if you have a wallet, keys, or battery pack used to power your hunting vest.

These heated hunting vests contain two front pockets and are also available in hooded models to keep your head warm during cold weather conditions.

What is the best material for hunting clothes?

There are several materials for hunting clothes but if you are looking forward to getting the heated hunting vest, consider nylon materials. This is one of the most breathable and waterproof materials on the market. It is also designed to give you a safe and successful hunting experience.

Nylon material on heated hunting vest

What clothes for deer hunting?

Before hunting for deers, ensure that you are dressed in the most suitable clothing attire along with your heated hunting vest. Do not forget to wear warm waterproof clothes especially if you will be on the lookout for a long time.


As a hunter, do not forget that the best hunting vest is one that you are comfortable with. Instead of worrying about the harsh or severe weather especially during winter, make every effort to purchase a heated hunting vest that helps you enjoy your hunting experience irrespective of the weather condition.

Having discussed the following; it's time to begin your hunting experience. One thing is certain about your heated hunting vest, the cold will no longer affect your hunting experience.

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