2023 Heated Apparel Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to think about the perfect gifts for the special individuals in your life. This year, consider surprising them with gender-neutral heated apparel that combines practicality and style to keep them warm during the colder months. In this gift guide, we'll explore different categories and recommend suitable heated apparel gifts for various activities, including bike commuting, attending sports events, golfing, hiking, running, working outdoors, ice fishing, hunting, motorcycle riding, and camping. Let's find the ideal present to make their holiday season extra special.

Bike Commuter

For individuals who commute on a bike, a heated midlayer shirt with reflective features is a thoughtful gift. It provides warmth while allowing flexibility during those cold winter rides. Look for heated midlayer shirts with breathable materials, adjustable heat settings, and long battery life. A heated midlayer shirt is perfect for layering and if it has a Bluetooth enabled option like ours, it could be a very useful gift in keeping a bike rider warm.

For a comprehensive guide on everything that a potential bike commuter might need, check out our guide on Winter Bike Commuting.

Sports Event Attendee

If they love attending sports events in colder weather, a heated stadium seat cushion with a portable battery pack is a fantastic gift. It allows them to stay warm and cozy while cheering for their favorite team. Look for heated stadium seat cushions made from soft and insulating materials. Another sports fans' favorite is our heated down scarf, it's a great and toasty accessory for any cold sports event. Lastly, we would recommend our heated softshell jacket, aka the best game day campanion. It's a staple and great for everyday as well. 


A heated vest is an excellent gift for individuals who enjoy golfing during the cooler months. It provides core warmth without restricting movement. Look for vests with moisture-wicking properties and a slim-fit design that allows for easy swing motion. Choose one with rechargeable batteries and adjustable heat settings.


When it comes to hiking, we recommend a heated vest or a heated hoodie. A puffer or fleece vest is great for hiking because it's warm, it allows movement and it layers great with hiking gear. A heated hoodie is also great because of it's buttery and soft inside that feels like a cloud when you put it on and it's thick but not too thick for hiking. The hood on the hoodie could also come in handy for any unexpected weather changes like light rain or wind. 


For individuals who still remain active during the cold months or that are dedicated runners, we recommend our heated midlayer shirts. They have moisture-wicking properties that make them ideal for running. And the great thing about our midlayer shirts is that they will ensure the runner's core remains warm that in return, will enhance their runs and become a game changer. 

Outdoor Worker

A heated hoodie is perfect for outdoor workers, providing optimal warmth and comfort throughout the day. With built-in heating elements and adjustable settings, it ensures they stay cozy in chilly conditions while allowing freedom of movement. Its durable and weather-resistant design makes it a reliable choice for any outdoor task, helping workers perform at their best in any weather.

Ice Fishing

For the avid ice fisher, consider gifting heated socks and gloves. These will keep their feet and hands warm during long hours on the ice. Look for socks and gloves with moisture-wicking properties and excellent insulation. Choose ones with durable construction and long-lasting batteries for extended fishing trips.


A heated jacket is an excellent gift for hunting enthusiasts. It provides warmth and blends into the surroundings. Look for jackets with multiple heat settings, noiseless fabrics, and ample pocket space for storing hunting gear.

Motorcycle Rider

A heated vest or jacket with windproof and water-resistant properties is a fantastic gift for motorcycle riders. It keeps them warm during chilly rides without sacrificing safety or style. Look for garments with adjustable heat settings, breathable materials, and built-in armor for protection.

Camping Enthusiast

For individuals who love camping in colder weather, a heated seat cushion is an incredible gift. It ensures a comfortable and cozy outing out in nature. Look for heated seat cushions with insulation and heating elements, temperature controls, and a compact design for easy transportation.


This holiday season, show the special individuals in your life that you care about their passions and comfort by gifting them gender-neutral heated apparel tailored to their favorite activities. From bike commuters to camping enthusiasts, there are heated options for every adventure. By selecting the perfect heated apparel gift, you'll provide warmth, style, and thoughtfulness. Make this holiday season unforgettable by embracing the spirit of giving and ensuring that their winter adventures are both comfortable and enjoyable.

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