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Heated Lumbar Support Work Belt

Heated Lumbar Support Work Belt

 Infrared Heated Universal Pain Relief Wrap

Infrared Heated Universal Pain Relief Wrap

Deluxe Infrared Heated Therapeutic Pad 24 X 36

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What’s Included

Far infrared rays or infrared or thermal radiation. These waves occupy a different parof the electromagnetic spectrum, close to light, but not visible-it lies between the visible and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can feel infrared radiation everyday in the forma of heat! Theheat that we feel from sunlight, a fire, a radiator or a warm sidewalk.
Although far infrared ray is inviisiable, thse waves generates penetrating warmth helps to increase blood supply to relax aching and overstretched muscles- reoxygenating the tissues to help stimulate the natural healing 

After muscle & blood vessel heat receptors in our cells receive infrared ray, the blood vessels will dilate, the blood flow is increased due to a decrease in vascular resistance, then our muscle get supplied of blood and oxygen

When to use

This 24" x 36" heating pad delivers soothing relief to large areas of the body...wherever you are.

The Venture Heat Deluxe pad delivers the deep, penetrating heat that reaches down through your muscles to relax them.

We call it "soothing science" -- a generously sized deluxe Far Infrared Ray heat therapy pad constructed of soft, hypoallergenic fleece lining and flexible carbon full fiber heating elements. The pad delivers a quick and enduring  warm, soothing relief without hotspots and bulky wiring. The FIR heat therapy incorporates safe, low-voltage heating systems so you get comfort and relief without the worry of typical electric pads.

For deep heat that reaches into muscles to relieve and relax, the Deluxe heating pad is for you. Arthritis, bursitis, menstrual cramps, neck pain, scar softening, tendinitis, TMJ pain, backache, joint pain, abdominal cramps, muscle pain, postoperative recovery, muscle tension, muscle strain, spasms, and cramps, herniated or ruptured disc, pinched nerve, soft tissue neck injuries, and other chronic conditions find reduction of pain and stress relief.

The Deluxe pad can also be used as a bed warmer improving body relaxation for a great night's sleep. It even has a handy 60 Minutes timer and 3 heat settings. Buy it out today and get deep heated relief tomorrow.

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Heating Elements 1 extra large flex-panel (24’’ x 36’’)
Heat Settings 3 Settings
Power System Plug in at home
Power Adaptor 1-20V/24 Volt DC
Timer Auto Timer 60 Minutes
Lining Brushed Fleece