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Motorcycle: Heated Clothing for all Season Riding

The harsh wind-chill can really wear down a motorcyclist and can take the joy out of riding. VENTURE HEATs wearable heated gear is designed by riders for the riders to travel distant commutes, Sunday pleasure rides, and even week-long road trips. Motorcycle heated clothing will help to combat the cold weather and extend your ride!


Micro Alloy Heating Elements


Built-in temperature control


Easy to Pack


Interconnected System


Wireless Remote Available

Micro Alloy Heating Elements

Hair thin heating wires bonded in between the fabric layers and stitched for reinforcement.

Lightweight and flexible heating elements that are 50% lighter than competition and are free from hot spots.

In less than 10 seconds, the wearable heating technology actively generates heat quickly and enables heating on demand.

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Built-in temperature controls

Every 12V wearable heated gear is equipped with a built-in digital temperature controller that can be controlled

Individually, with three heat settings to choose from for the most optimal level of comfort.

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Easy to Pack

Designed to be worn under the riding gear as liners.

The heated gear is thin and pliable, which can be easily rolled up into a small pouch. Easily fits inside a saddle bag to accompany the next journey.

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Interconnected System

Tap into unlimited energy from the motorcycle while riding.

Our wire plugged into the vehicle can power one or all heated gear from head to toe.

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Wireless Remote Available

Selected model of our heated jacket can be adjusted wirelessly via a dash-mounted controller for easy access.

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Heating on Demand
Built with ADDHEAT wearable heating technology inside, your next winter journey can be elevated with warmth and comfort via a touch of a button. By keeping the core warm and body limber, it reduces the danger of riding in the cold weather and elevates the riding pleasure. Enables you and your riding partner to enjoy your journey.