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How does Far Infrared Ray Works

Far Infrared Ray (F.I.R.) Heat Therapy

The FIR heat therapy wrap system is designed to utilize heat in a more therapeutic setting for the patient. Compared to traditional heat therapies, FIR heat provides actual medical benefits and services. Since FIR is able to penetrate deep below the skin into the muscle and bones where the injury takes place, it is one of the most beneficial types of heat therapies available. It is also the safest for the skin because the temperature of the heating pad does not have to compensate for the poor tissue penetration abilities of other heat therapies.

In addition, it is difficult to achieve proper patient self-treatment compliance with simple tools such as a gel pack or a regular heating pad. As is often the case, patients do not correctly apply heat to a particular area to heal it. Controlling the temperature of the therapy is important to ensure that healing is efficient and more damage is not created from wrongly applying heat to an injury. Controlled therapy via an FIR heat therapy wraps improve patient compliance, avoids common complications, allows for much longer therapy periods and results in accelerated recoveries and longer sustained benefits. This temperature control is a key feature of the FIR heat system and a clear benefit over gel packs, traditional heating pads, or chemical heat packs. A common problem with heating pads, micro-waved packs, and chemical heat packs is that they exceed the maximum temperature a person's skin can handle and are often difficult to control as therapeutic tools. The FIR heat system is designed to deliver the maximum heat therapy at the user’s discretion and does not produce harmful electromagnetic waves.

Venture Heat® uses the latest in deep penetrating therapeutic heat technology to bring you the next generation heat therapy wraps and heating pads that don’t rely on surface heat but generate its own heat using carbon fibers that are thinner than human hair and release Far Infrared Rays just like the sun does naturally.   Unlike most heating pads and heating wraps that are sold today in health stores around the world which rely only on surface to surface heat transfer, Venture Heat® uses Far Infrared invisible light that instantly converts to heat only when it reaches the affected area.

Most muscle injuries or joint stiffness occurs deep within your body.  Most surface heat therapy products never can accumulate enough heat that will reach the affected joint or muscle in your body.  If you overheat the surface heating pad or heating wrap it may burn you but never actually reach the affected area of your body.

For this reason Venture Heat® has pioneered and manufactures the most comfortable Heat Therapy Products that use Carbon Fiber technology that is thinner than human hair to generate far infrared rays of invisible light that generate deep penetrating heat deep into the affected joint or pulled muscle pain that you may be suffering.   In essence, Venture Heat® Heat Therapy Products rely on light to heat technology rather than surface heat to surface heat that is inefficient and dissipates quickly into the environment rather than penetrates your body.

The reason why most surface heat therapy products never work is that you cannot control the level of heat and you have to balance the art of heat therapy and burning yourself.   Microwaving gel pads or rice pads can cause serious burns and never get the necessary heat to start and induce rapid healing and recovery from injury.

Now you have the control with three levels of deep penetrating therapeutic pain relieving heat.   You can set the venture heat heating wrap or heating pad to low, medium or high for 30 minutes of comforting pain relief and muscle stiffness relief.  Do not rely on cheap surface heat products that will never absorb enough heat and will never release enough heat to penetrate the muscle or even the joints that are giving you so much discomfort.