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One Wire Connectivity

Nobody wants to be tangled in a mess of wires while riding. We're enthusiasts, just like you, and we understand how cumbersome heated clothing used to be. Now, with our latest heated gear, we can heat you from shoulders to toes with only one wire connected to your vehicle.

The wiring harness (included with every piece of our Power Sports product line) is connected directly to the vehicle's 12V battery and then to your gear without any additional connections to the vehicle.

Flexible Heating Panels 

One of the main reasons to buy heated gear is to increase mobility by reducing the number of layers necessary to stay warm while operating a power sports vehicle. Freedom of movement is a requirement for all power sports gear, and we keep that idea at the forefront of the design of every piece of power sports apparel we produce. That philosophy is continued in the design of our heating panels as well. Our heating panels use the latest technology that unites durability and flexibility in a lightweight package. Thin, micro-alloy elements are bonded and stitched into the fabric for added strength and strategically placed in targeted areas to best heat your body.

The heating panels are so flexible and lightweight, you'll barely notice that you're wearing more than a windbreaker, until you turn on the heat.

An additional benefit of flexibility is that it allows our heated gear to be rolled up and/or folded for storage without any harm.

Heats-Up in Seconds 

When you're ready to ride, the last thing you want to do is wait for your gear to warm-up. All of our power sports heated gear heats up within seconds of activation. Once the power button is activated (hold down button for 3-seconds), you'll start feeling the heat in about 10 seconds.


In addition to the thermal protection circuit located in many of our garments, there is a blade-type safety fuse kit that provides a second layer of protection for you and your heated gear. It's positioned on the wiring harness between the heated gear and the battery where it defends against power surges within the vehicle's electrical system.

The fuse is a safety device that interrupts the electrical circuit if the vehicle's charging system exceeds a safe level (see manual to select the proper fuse for your application). It's more insurance that riders are safe to use our gear in almost any weather.

Built-In Temperature Controller 

Each piece of our heated gear features its own, built-in temperature controller. Why? Because zonal heating doesn't work. In our experience we've found that we tend to run our gloves at a different temperature level than our heated jacket liner. Heck- our system is so versatile, you could run each glove at different temperatures if you wanted to. Plus, the controller is completely waterproof. This ability allows the rider to concentrate less on their gear, and more opportunity to be comfortable and focus on enjoying the ride.

Wireless Controller 

Anyone that's ever ridden long distance knows that weather conditions can change quickly and without warning. We've designed our wireless controller to attach to handlebars so that you can adapt to those changes as quick as the touch of a button, and you don't have to take your hands off the handlebars to do it. It's the safest way to stay comfortable in changing riding conditions without getting off the vehicle to change clothes.

Installation on the vehicle's handlebars is easy and fast- with everything you'll need for installation, including: the wireless remote unit, handlebar clamp, handlebar adapter, and mini-screwdriver.

Our Wireless Controller is compatible with the GT-40 Deluxe Heated Jacket Liner, GT-1650 Heated Jacket Liner Lite, and GT-28 Heated Vest Liner.

Hybrid Power 

Get the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Heated gear. Our Hybrid gear can be powered by plugging directly into a power sports vehicle using the included harness, or it can be used with our 12V rechargeable and portable battery (sold separately) for adventures that require added heat, off the vehicle.

It can also be used with the portable battery while on a vehicle, so that nothing has to be attached to the vehicle (you just have to remember to charge the battery).

Our 12V rechargeable and portable battery is sold separately and is compatible with our: Hybrid Heated Vest Liner, Heated Touring Gloves, Heated Carbon Gloves, Heated Cruiser Gloves, and 12V Heated Glove Liners.