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Electric Motorcycle Clothing

Venture Heat® has your cold weather riding heated gear covered from your neck to your toes, with heated jackets, heated vest, and heated pants liners, and heated boot insoles for your feet. Each piece of motorcycle heated clothing warms up fast: it only takes 10 seconds- so you'll be ready to ride before your motorcycle is warmed up. Each piece of the Venture Heat® cold weather gear system is designed to be form fitting (and never bulky or restrictive of movement), and therefore will easily work with your existing motorcycle jacket, riding pants (or jeans) and motorcycle boots. You won't have to fear the rain or snow either because Venture Heat® heated gear is also weather resistant. And, the heat lasts as long as you can ride because it's connected directly to your bike's battery. Additionally, built-in controllers allow you to choose between three levels of warmth, and you can change your heat settings as the weather and conditions change through your ride. If conditions become too hot, Venture Heat®'s micro-alloy fiber heating elements are super flexible and can be rolled up and stashed without taking up much room in your saddlebags.

"This is a glowing review because Venture Heat has created an outstanding product in its Grand Touring Collection. Comfort and looks are exceptional and... are the best compromise I've tried for cold-weather riding." -Nick Ienatsch, Cycle World Magazine (click here to read the review)