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Life happens! Maybe you lost a battery during your last big adventure, or perhaps you'd like to have two chargers for one of your heated garments (one for the car and one for the home or office) - either way, Venture Heat® got the Heated Apparel Gear spare parts and accessories you need to keep your adventure going with Venture Heat®. In this section, you'll find all the spare parts and accessories (including replacement batteries) for your battery heated clothing, battery heated pads, heated gear and heat therapy products.

Everything you could possibly need, from lightweight 5V USB Power Banks, 7V battery packs, and an assortment of battery chargers both for the home, office, and car. Instructions are included with all Venture Heat® Heated Accessories but take the time to check out the video section for more information about charging lithium-ion batteries, USB Power Banks and about long term care, maintenance and storage.