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Motorcycle Heated Gloves

Some motorcycles have fairings to shield a rider's hands from the wind, but many bikes don't. How do you beat the 80-mph wind chill factor from affecting your hands? With Venture Heat's heated gloves or glove liners! Contstructed from proven materials to shield your hands from the cold and retain heat, Venture Heat's gloves actually create extra heat to keep your digits from becoming frigid. The formula for the success of the gloves is simple, they are fashioned from water-resistant (yet breathable) materials like Dintex and strong, wind-proof materials such as leather, and then introduce heating elements throughout the back of the hand and down each finger. The heated motorcycle gloves or liners that plug into your bike will keep you warm as long as you'd like, and they'll plug in directly to your bike's battery. Plus, there are three levels of heat to toggle through at the touch of a button- you'll be able to instantly adapt to anything Mother Nature throws at you!

"My hands were frozen and useless. I clawed through my luggage and pulled out the Venture Heat Carbon Gloves... The Carbon gloves go a long way toward alleviating my concerns, especially in terms of [warmth and] protection." -Nick Ienatsch, Cycle World Magazine (Click here to read the review)

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