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Additional BX-25 Battery 1800 mAh

Additional BX-25 Battery 1800 mAh

Additional one (1) BX-26 Battery 1800 mAh

Additional one (1) BX-26 Battery 1800 mAh

Additional Two(2) BX-25 Battery


Designed to be used for Venture Heat’s Battery BX905 Heated Gloves and BX923 Glove Liners, Scarf and Skull Cap. This lightweight power source can produce soothing therapeutic heat for up to 5 hours on a single charge, depending on the heat setting.   

*This package comes with 2 BX-25 batteries.*


All battery Accessories and parts are covered by our 6 month Warranty.  Exclusions apply*. SEE DETAILS

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1. How do I take care of my battery?
For continued performance, the battery must be fully charged before use, storage, and once every 3 months of storage thereafter.

2. What affect the battery performance?
The temperature of the operational environment, the heating level and the battery condition can also effect the battery performance.  You may order replacement battery or additional set of spare battery to extend your enjoyment.

5.  How long will my battery take to fully charge?
From empty, the battery will take roughly 8 hours to fully charge. 

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Power System Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Rechargeable Battery BX-25, 7V, 1800mAh
Voltage 7V
Source 1800mAh