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Wellness Accessories

These everyday work accessories have been transformed by Venture Heat® into therapeutic far infrared ray self heating Wellness Accessories that will help you get through your day, and make you more comfortable in the process. No matter if you work at a desk in an office or manage a warehouse, these FIR heat therapy products can ease your pain and increase your comfort.

From the heated Huggie Buddy (wearable blanket) to the Heated Lumbar Support Work Belt, each product delivers therapeutic deep tissue Far Infrared Rays (FIR) heat where you need it the most. The Heated seat cushion is perfect for anyone who watches sports events or spends time sitting outside when it's cold- great for parents with active kids, or fishermen/hunters that might need to stay motionless for hours on end in the wintery outdoors. The Heated Lumbar Support Cushion is one of the staff favorites in the Venture Heat® office, while the Heated Lumbar Support Work Belt is the preferred FIR Heat Therapy delivery method in the Venture Heat® warehouse. 

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