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FIR Heat Therapy (Plug-ins)

What relieves arthritis pain, joint pain, muscle pain and/or keeps you warmed up before your big game/athletic activity whenever you are near a standard household electrical outlet? Venture Heat®'s low-voltage, Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Heat Therapy wraps and pads of course! Unlike most of the heat therapy products out there that only rely on surface heat, our Venture Heat® Heat Therapy products use the latest wearable heating technology and Far Infrared Rays that generate deep penetrating therapeutic heat.  (FIR) Heat Therapy has many benefits including dilating blood vessels to increase circulation and heightenes blood oxygen levels, relaxes muscle spasms and loosens up joint stiffness, and relieves certain types of pain.

 Venture Heat®    

Each area specific device is designed with the heating area aimed directly where you will benefit most from FIR heat therapy.Each FIR heat therapy wrap comes with an in-line automatic timer/control cord (power supply) that shuts down after 30-minutes and adjusts between three levels of deep penetrating therapeutic heat, and an adjustable hook and loop fastening for a perfect fit to different parts of your body. Venture Heat®'s low-voltage, Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Heat Therapy wraps and pads are the perfect devices for relaxing sore muscles after a hard day's work, keeping warmed-up in anticipation of a sports event, or relieving pain.

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