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FIR Heat Therapy (Battery)

Venture Heat®'s low-voltage, portable FIR heat therapy self heating wraps are designed to relief pain and muscle stiffness and keep you warmed up and ready to perform at your next athletic event when you're away from home. Venture Heat® utilizes the latest in wearable heat technology and Far Infrared (FIR) wavelengths to produce therapeutic heat that penetrates deep into your muscle tissue so you can rehabilitate from injury faster or relax your muscles in the car, at work, or anywhere you need pain relief or therapeutic deep penetrating warmth.  

These go-anywhere devices are especially advantageous to athletes that need to stay warm before a game or practice. They're also particularly useful to those individuals that need liberation from all sorts of chronic muscle and joint pain such as neck pain, shoulder pain, lower or upper back pain, knee pain, ankle or elbow pain and even leg muscle spasms. Each Venture Heat® FIR Heat Therapy device is designed with the heating area aimed directly where the muscle or muscle group will benefit the most from FIR heat therapy. Each wrap comes with an automatic timer/control module that shuts itself off after 30 minutes and toggles between three levels of therapeutic pain relief heat, adjustable hook and loop fastening for a perfect fit to different parts of your body, and one home charger.

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