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FIR Heat Therapy Wrap

FIR Heat Therapy Pad

Heat Therapy

Venture Heat® infrared heating pads and battery heated wraps use the latest in deep tissue therapeutic heat technology, using wavelengths produced with Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Our (FIR) heating pads are designed to help your body quickly and safely rehabilitate from joint stiffness, joint sprains, muscle strains, can help in pain relief and helps retain muscle warmth before major athletic events. Venture Heat® heating wraps and belts work differently than your typical heat pad that only produces surface heat that never reaches the affected tissue or chronic pain area.  Venture Heat® Heated Therapy Products use Far Infrared Ray wavelengths (invisible light) to produce heat that penetrates deep into your muscles - as deep as 1.5-inches.

There are two types of Venture Heat® Heated Therapy Products: electrical plug-in heating wraps and portable Battery powered heating pads. The portable versions use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that comes with an automatic timer and adjustable heat controller that automatically shuts off after 30-minutes of therapeutic deep penetrating heat relaxation. The low-voltage plug-in versions come with a generous length of cord with an in-line temperature controller and 30-minute timer. Each (FIR) Heat Therapy device has three settings for the perfect amount of deep penetrating therapeutic heat and pain relief.