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Power Sports

Whether your motorized passion involves two wheels or skis and a tread, cold weather gear is the key to extending your outdoor winter adventures. With Venture Heat®'s 12V Heated clothing including motorcycle heated clothes, you can plan for an entire day's activities, without having to pack extra clothing when the temperature changes - you'll have room for other things instead. For example, sometimes those early morning rides start out cold, but by lunchtime, the temperature has risen 30 degrees. In those cases, you could use the added heat from Venture Heat®'s heated jacket liners and heated motorcycle gloves in the morning, and simply switch them off in the afternoon. No need to bring a light jacket and a heavy jacket, or two pairs of gloves when using Venture Heat® heated gear! Plus, the heating panels in each garment are made with super flexible materials that can be rolled up and stowed in a saddlebag- and always available when the weather becomes unexpectedly cold.

"This is a glowing review because Venture Heat has created an outstanding product in its Grand Touring Collection. Comfort and looks are exceptional and the gloves are the best compromise I’ve tried for cold-weather riding." - Nick Ienatsch, Cycle World