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Winter Sports

Your active lifestyle won't be put on hold when the mercury drops below freezing this winter season. In fact, your adventure is about to get even more exciting, because with Venture Heat®'s heated clothing and heated clothing gear, you can keep your adventure going, regardless of the freezing winter cold. With an assortment of battery on-demand heated clothing apparel including heated Jackets, heated Vests, Heated Pants, Heated Shirts, heated gloves, heated hoodies, heated base layer underwear, heated pant liners, heated coats, winter sports jackets and a variety of heated gear you'll be able to stay warm in any weather. Perfect for a long hike in the snow or for watching an outdoor cold weather sporting event, like football in Minnesota or Greenbay during late November.

Is Battery Operated Heated Clothing Safe?

One of the main topics of concern for many of our new customers is whether or not our battery heated clothing and powersports electrical heated apparel is safe to use. The short answer is: Yes, it is absolutely safe.

Below are some of the questions that new customers commonly ask:

Q: Can I get electrocuted or shocked by heated clothing?  

A: No. Our heated clothing does not use enough electricity to electrocute. We build a number of safety features into all of our gear so there is very little to no chance of shock.

Q: Can I get burned or can the heated clothing catch fire?

A: No. There are sensors built into every one of our garments that will disable it if the temperature rises above what is comfortable to the human body.

Q: What is the voltage running through the heating elements in the fibers of the clothing?

A: We use safe, low-voltage in all our garments, but the amount varies depending on the type of clothing. Our power sports gear uses 12V, while our winter gear uses 7V and 5V.

Q: Can the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) in heated clothing be of any health concern?

A: Our heated clothing does not produce harmful electromagnetic fields. (Our garments and devices produce less EMFs than a cell phone or tablet)