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Heated Car Seat Cover

Enjoy driving again

12V Single Heated Car Seat Cover, Black
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$ 79.99

What’s included
  • Heated Car Seat Cover
  • 12V Power Adapter for Vehicles
  • Temperature Controller
  • 3 Plastic Carabiner Connectors

FIR Heat


Say goodbye to chilly car rides. The Heated Car Seat Cover provides endless hours of comfortable heat to your back and bottom. The stealthy heating element is strategically positioned at the lower back so the heat naturally spreads out for continuous soothing warmth. Connect it to your car's 12-volt cigarette plug and you are set to drive for miles!

The heated car seat cover easily fits to any car seat with elastic trimming that fits over the sides of the chair. To create the perfect fit, we included 3 carabiner connectors that go under and behind the seats. 


Power System Plugin in to Vehicle
Heating Elements Large Panel at Lower Back
Heat Settings Low, Medium, High
Voltage 12V
Exterior Fabric Mesh
Style Universal Heated Seat Cover

Integrated Controller
Easily set the temperature to your heated car seat by a simple touch of a button.

Far Infrared Ray heat produces harmless, targeted and deep penetrating heat.  It is the best way to strengthen immunity, improve blood flow, reduce muscles spasms, rehabilitates movement impairment, alters the sensation of pain and promotes tissue repair.

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