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Heated Tri-Zone Base Layer Shirt

Base layers just got even warmer

Battery Heated Tri-Zone Heated Base layer Top
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$ 130.00

What’s included
  • Tri-Zone Heated Base Layer Top

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (604B)

  • 100-240V Battery Charger (Z840120)

  • Instructional Guide

Instructional Guide


Venture Heat’s Tri-Zone Heated Base Layer Top is the answer to fighting the cold climate head-on with boosted active heat delivered directly to your core.

This base layer is designed with your active lifestyle in mind.  The nylon and spandex blend with brushed-lined fabric wards off the chill of winter by trapping your body’s heat and wicking away moisture to keep you warm & dry, and that is even without activing the 3 heating panels.

The heated base layer can be worn comfortably underneath any garment as the foundation for layering.  Our Z-Stretch XCT heating elements are barely detectable when-powered off.  With a push of a button, the heating system comes to life by blasting warmth to your abdomen and upper/ lower back.


Power System Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Heating Elements 2 on back, 1 on abdomen
Heat Settings Low, Medium, High
Rechargeable Battery 604B, 2200mAh
Voltage 7V
Gender Men
Exterior Fabric 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
Lining Brushed Fleece
Style Compression / Long Sleeve

tri-zone heating
Strategically designed mico-carbon fiber heating elements are place on targeted core areas of the upper body to keep your core warm for hours. 

The heating elements provide custom and constent heat through two panels in the back, and one in the abdomin.



xtreme comfort technology
The Venture Heat exclusive Z-Stretch Carbon-Fiber Heating Elements allowing for a large range of motion and even faster heat.



smart preheat
The Venture Heat exclusive PRE-HEAT feature was designed to quickly boost the heat 5 minutes of maximum energy output.  After 5 minutes, the microprocessor automatically switch the system to Low setting to conserve energy & maintain warmth.

heat duration

Low / Green 5 Hours
Medium / Yellow 3.5 Hours
High / Red 2 Hours

Quick Dry

The base layer is designed to quickly wick the body’s moisture away so you can remain even more comfortable and warm. 

Wrist Controller 

The waterproof heat controller is located on the right wrist to make it accessible from your outerwear.

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