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604 Battery

Long-Lasting Power, Long-Lasting Heat

604 Lithium Battery Pack for Jackets, Vest or Base layer top and bottom
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product code: Z604B

$ 40.00

What’s included
  • 1 604 Lithium Battery


Designed for our Venture Heat’s vests and jackets, the 604 Lithium-Ion Battery is a lightweight, pocket-sized energy source that will keep you warm all day, any day! Good for up to 500 charges, just attach the 3-setting temperature controller to customize your own micro-climate for maximum comfort. To charge use Charger for 602 and 604 Batteries.


Power System Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Rechargeable Battery 604B, 2200mAh
Voltage 7.4V

The 604 works with the following products


Battery Heated Fleece Jacket BH-9658
Men's Battery Heated Fleece Vest BH-9548
Women's Heated City Vest VH-9526W
Women's Heated City Jacket VH-9691W
Women's Battery Heated Nylon Vest BH-9333
Women's Battery Heated Fleece Vest BH-9563
Men's Heated City Vest VH-9536M
Men's Heated City Jacket VH-9690M
Heated Soft Shell Jacket VH-659M
Battery Heated Base Layer BH-9229
Battery Heated Base Layer Bottoms BH-9112
Men's Battery Heated Nylon Vest BH-9370


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