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12V Heated Pant Liner

Fits comfortably under your riding gear

12V Heated Pant Liner
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$ 209.99

What’s included
  • 1 12V Heated Pant Liner

  • Built-in Temp Controller
  • 1 Battery Harness with Safety Fuse Kit

  • Instructional Guide

12V Heated Gear


Venture Heat’s 12V Heated Pant Liners are engineered with adventure riding in mind.  The Xtreme Comfort Technology features 2 micro-alloy fiber flexible heating panels which are placed from your thighs to shins keeping your legs warm.  The controller is designed to easily flip on top of your outerwear giving you easy easy access to 3 temperatures.

The interior is lined with fleece making this the perfect base layer for comfort, performance and warmth.  The front of the heated pant liner is constructed with 4-way stretchable softshell fabric for easy wind protection.  The rear has a synthetic poly-spandex compression material to wick moisture away keeping you dry while riding.


Power SystemPlugin in to Vehicle
Heating Elements1 Large Panel on Each Leg, Thigh to Shin
Heat SettingsLow, Medium, High
Draw7 Amps
Exterior Fabric50% Nylon, 47% polyester, 3% Spandex
LiningBrushed Fleece
Style12V Heated Pant Liner

Dual-zone heating
The 2 large heated panels are strategically placed from your thighs to shins to provide maximum heat coverage.



12V xtreme comfort technology
Our 12V Xtreme Comfort Technology is in every one of our power sport products.  The hair-thin flexible heating panels eliminate the bulky feeling of heating coils by using micro-alloy fibers allowing for a large range of motion and even quicker heat.



12V Safety
All of our 12V products have a built-in microprocessor which prevents overheating and short circuiting. Plus, the micro-alloy heating panels do not produce Electromagnetic Fields.

12V Interconnectivity

The 12V Heated Pant Liner is powered by the existing battery on your vehicle and will provide heat as long as you're on the road.  Simply connect the harness to the terminals on the battery and run the coax cable underneath the vehicle’s body, leaving the connector plug exposed.  You can pair the 12V Heated Pant Liners with the 12V Heated Jacket Liner or Insoles, or wear them on their own using the included Y-Splitter Cable.

Breathable Base Layer

Although the heated pants have an active fit, comfortability and warmth are not compromised. The micro-carbon fiber elements provide the flexibility and durability for any activity while the fabric allows your skin to breath to avoid moisture build up and overheating.


Jim 12-10-14

Works very well, but watch the remote mounts.

I have the vest and glove liners and have used them for 30 to 60 degree riding. The vest blocks wind well even without the heaters on. I have yet to need to turn the heat all the way up. The glove liners don't have heat control, but work very well with a good set of gloves. The only bad thing is with the remote control. I have more than one bike, but need a mount for the remote on both. Venture heat will not sell you a separate mount for a remote control. They want you to spend $50.00 for a whole new remote instead of a mount for 5 dollars.

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12V Heated Pant Liner

12V Heated Pant Liner

  • 1 12V Heated Pant Liner

  • Built-in Temp Controller
  • 1 Battery Harness with Safety Fuse Kit

  • Instructional Guide

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