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Motorcycle Gloves and Insole Y-Splitter

Designed to Work With Your Heated Gloves and Insoles

12V Splitter For Gloves & Insoles
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product code: ZMCV11

$ 30.00

What’s included
  • Y-Splitter 
  • Instructional Guide

Heated Clothing Instructions

Installation Guide


The Motorcycle Gloves and Insoles Harness allows you to connect either your heated gloves or heated insoles to your battery harness.  It acts as a splitter / extension to bring power to the gloves or insoles.


Power System Plugin in to Vehicle
Voltage 12V

Compatible With:

Motorcycle Glove Liners MC-60
Motorcycle Heated Gloves MC-225 & MC-325
Motorcycle Heated Insoles MC-50

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