12V Heated Jacket Liner

VentureHeat 12V Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner

12V Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner

Maximum Comfort with Minimum Bulk

VentureHeat’s 12V Heated Jacket Liner is a must-have for any rider looking to extend the riding season long into the winter months. By using power from the bike’s battery, you will never have to worry about running out of juice while out on the road.

After wiring the battery harness to your bike, the jacket liner features a built-in input near the base that lets you plug directly in. A temperature controller inside of the jacket allows you to adjust the level of heat on the fly or completely power down when additional heat is no longer needed. Pre-wired connectors for optional heated gloves are a great bonus feature, and can easily be tucked away when not in use.

The liner is thin and light enough to wear under any jacket without being noticed. When set to the appropriate heating level, it is easy to forget you are even wearing a heated liner as your comfort level lets you focus on your ride rather than suffering through the cold.

VentureHeat’s micro-alloy fibers eliminate the need for bulky, uncomfortable wires that create hot spots on your back like other heated jackets use. Instead, VentureHeat’s heating element is designed to maintain a natural, fabric-like feel that allows for maximum flexibility. Because of the lightweight feel and ease of use, this heated jacket liner is a necessity for any cold weather rider.