Star Touring and Riding Event

We had the opportunity to partner and host an event at our North American headquarters with Star Touring and Riding, Chapter 230, and it was fantastic.  Our role was simple, host the end of their day long ride with food, music, a raffle and great deals on our heated clothing.  Thank you again for such a great turnout! Check out the full recap below.

*The following is a re-post of Star Riding and Touring’s recap*

I’ll be honest, anytime we arrange for any of these multi-chapter rides I get a little nervous. What if no one shows up – ha! I had sent an email asking the chapter members to show up a half hour earlier so we could have our meeting before any of the other chapters that would be joining us. There was a hint of rain in the air – so I thought well, we shall see. But as I made my turn into the parking lot I was very happy to see that a good group had already arrived. By 7:30 everyone was there along with two new riders! Welcome David Dunkel and Ron Castner!

Our plan for the day was a nice ride through Malibu and Mulholland Highway, then back to Huntington Beach for a tour and BBQ at Venture Heat. Venture Heat being a heated gear retailer and they were promising great deals! Now I realize that those of you from areas of the country where it truly gets cold, the thought that we here in Southern California need heated gear probably makes you chuckle – but for our group and many others, we do ride out into areas that do get down-right cold, so heated gear is a great thing – oh and for those mornings where it gets a little frosty, like under 60 degrees (don’t laugh). So the offer of heated gear at more than 50% off was very inviting.

We held our meeting in the showroom at Mission Motorsports (coffee and donuts a plenty), and as we made our way through our business, a nice group of members from 109, 123, 415, 500, and 527 arrived to join us. Steve Thompson, Rac and Rose Cossart, our SoCal Ambassadors (East and West) were on hand with members from each of their chapters, as well as David Long President of Temecula and Tony Mayfield the president of Los Angeles with members from their chapters. Gregg Tomchick presented Greg Schedcik with a rocker as our newest Shepherd, congratulations Greg! And we had some discussion on our future overnighters – Jacumba next weekend!

By the time the meeting ended, 51 bikes would be riding out with us, with 66 riders. I have to extend my thanks to my ride crew! All available ride crew was there to help out. When it came time to head out we were six groups led by myself, Scott Hamilton, Ken Indorf, Richard “Taz” Green, and Johnny Harper. Doug Cort (Lead Tail Gunner) and Gregg Tomchick (Lead Shepherd) made sure our new riders had shepherds and all groups had tail gunners. Great job to all!!!

I gotta tell you, staging six groups in one parking lot is a little crazy – but in the end we got everyone into a group and we headed out. We jumped on the 405 and quickly made our way over to the carpool lane. Not sure why, but we were really lucky with traffic. There was the usual slowing around LAX and then up where the 10 hits the 405, but otherwise we made good time getting out of LA. Of course we did have to jump out of the carpool lane and make our way over to exit onto the 101, but that is always an adventure! Once on the 101 we headed into the San Fernando Valley and up to Agoura Hills. We exited at Kanan Road and turned into the Chevron for our gas stop.

Now, this is a roomy gas station, but I am sure the sight of 50 bikes pulling in was rather overwhelming (it truly was a pretty awesome sight). And I had to feel for the other patrons who pulled in. I am really pleased to say though that we worked efficiently and got everyone gassed up, had some snacks and got everyone ready for the twisties that were ahead. It was also great that there was a Jack in the Box right next door – that provided another set of bathrooms, and some great tacos (lol).

We saddled up and each group left the gas station and headed down Kanan road, to Latigo Canyon Road. Latigo is full of some great switchbacks, twisties and usually some great views. Unfortunately for us it was cloudy, and as we made our way up in elevation we ascended into the clouds and the mist. To top it off, there was a bicycle event going on and they were riding the same road as we were, but without lights. So the ride slowed down to a safe speed and we carefully made our way. This was really a bummer – normally we get a great view out to the ocean and get to see some really amazing homes. Eventually, we dropped down in elevation below the clouds and the road dried out. But by then we were all the way down to Pacific Coast Highway. It was then that we realized that the second leg, which would take us back up in elevation was not a good idea.

One by one each group turned left onto PCH and then pulled over to a parking area to make the decision. Now first of all we were lucky – since it was a cloudy and drizzly day, the place we parked was empty – usually there would be a lot of cars there; lots of people going to the beach. Second there was nowhere near the normal amount of traffic on PCH so we were able to all pull off and back on easily. We were all in agreement that the remainder of the ride could pose some issues with safety and decided to skip that leg and continue down along the coast to the 10 east. This part of the ride took us all along Malibu, Santa Monica and a great view of the beach! We were at high tide and the waves were pretty great – so it was a great ride down the coast.

Eventually we merged onto the Santa Monica freeway. We hit the normal traffic as we headed to the 405 south – so it was slow going for a little while. Then we were back on the 405 and the road was moving. Freeway riding is a little dull – but then again we were with great friends and we were riding – so all was good.

We exited at Bolsa Chica Road and made the right. We cruised by Boeing and then made the left onto Edinger, then left onto Graham and then arrived at Venture Heat. We were greeted by Tony and the rest of the Venture Heat Staff. They had opened up their back parking lot for us – what a great sight all of our bikes lined up across the entire lot. They had all their gear out for us to look at, and they had street tacos for us! Really great tacos!! A few members who were unable to ride, and a few friends also joined us at Venture Heat. Tony presented their products and it looked to me like a lot of people walked away with at least a jacket or two.

We had put off our usual raffle until we got to Venture Heat and it looked like a lot of tickets were sold. I was glad to see a lot of our visitors were winners! Eduardo Peres from 415 was the lucky 50/50 winner and Ken Indorf, Alan Clow, Bob Davis, Kristi Moore, Scott Komie, and Tony Mayfield won our raffle items. Venture Heat was nice enough to offer a pair of heated pants and two sets of gauntlet gloves for the raffle – they were won by Glen Sandstrom, Rac Cossart, and Steve Thompson. Congrats to all!!! It was really great afternoon – seemed to me like everyone was having a great time.

Eventually, after we were so full of tacos that we all needed naps, riders started to leave and head home. I can’t thank Venture Heat enough for this great welcome and great deals! For those of you who didn’t make it, don’t worry, we will be doing this again!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated. It’s always really great to be able to ride with other chapters and share what we have in 230.

Next month, Joshua Tree!!

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