Electric Heated Gloves

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Electric Heated Gloves
Keeping your fingers warm all winter long.

Winter gloves work fine for blocking wind and resisting moisture, but they lack in keeping your fingers adequately warm.  This is because standard winter gloves depend on a layer of insulation stuffed into the glove with hopes to trap what little heat your hand is producing.  When temperatures fall, the effectiveness of this method quickly dwindles as the outside elements over power your hand’s ability to produce heat, which in turn leads to cold fingers.

Dealing with cold fingers can be a painful experience as you lack the ability to fully control the movement in your digits.  This decrease in mobility is both frustrating and potentially dangerous.

To put an end to cold fingers altogether, heated gloves work by producing active heat that is delivered directly to the source of the problem.  Heated gloves use micro-carbon fibers which are about 10X thinner than the human hair to warm up the perimeter of your hand. These heating elements move and flex just like the materials in the glove making their existence go unnoticed.

Powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, you can rest assured that you will feel consistent heated comfort throughout your fingers.  After up to 6 straight hours of active heat, simply recharge the batteries and you are ready to go for another day of soothing warmth.


Temperature controllers allow you to regulate the heat emitted to your fingers so you will never be too warm or too cold again. The idea behind heated gloves is to make your hand temperature neutral by creating your own personal micro-climate. You now have the power to adjust the heat according to your own particular desire.

Heated gloves give you the ability to regain your mobility and make cold weather outings much more enjoyable. Not only are they great for skiers, motorcyclists, and hunters, but heated gloves are perfect for anyone dealing with cold temperatures.

Those of us that suffer from Raynaud’s disease can benefit greatly with heated gloves as they effectively warm the extremities and reduce the symptoms of an attack.  Improving blood circulation within your fingers with active heat can help to treat attacks from Raynaud’s disease making everyday living more comfortable.

Heated gloves are the answer you have been waiting for. Stop suffering with freezing fingers and look forward to heading outside when the winter season sets in.

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4 thoughts on “Electric Heated Gloves

  1. I purchased my battery powered gloves about a year ago (can’t find my record of purchase) and fairly quickly realised how inadequate they were in terms of battery life as we do quite long rides. I have only used them with the power turned on (to medium setting mostly) about 5-6 times but now find that one of my batteries is not working (charger goes straight to green light but battery does nothing in either glove, whereas the other battery still works but for a period of time well short of your advertised times). I have been careful to follow all the recommendations in the instructions so am fairly dissatisfied with these results.
    I have no problem with the gloves themselves (although one of the little zippers for the battery compartment shit itself one day when I was pulling the gloves on) so would like to enquire if there is a way of wiring them to the battery in my bike as I have no intention of buying any more of the rechargeable batteries.

  2. I just got a set of the Epic Series Battery Gloves and I really like them. Very good quality and they work very well. PA is just coming into our colder season and I hope to use these gloves to extend my MC season. I also look forward to beginning the season next year early when the weather is colder in the mornings. SO far I’m very happy with the gloves and their ability to keep my fingers warm/neutral. I’ve been able to enjoy these for a few weeks and they do make a difference. PLUS no wires! I like the battery power for sure. The 2S Li-Po packs work very well.

    Thanks for a great product.

    • Thanks for the review, Ron! We are happy to hear from you and are excited that you are enjoying your new heated gloves. Stay warm up in PA!

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