12V Heated Motorcycle Gear

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Stay out on the road longer with heated gear.

Who ever said that cold temperatures marked the end of the motorcycle riding season apparently had never used 12V Heated Motorcycle Gear. VentureHeat is committed to extending the riding season long into the winter so that as long as you have traction, you are ready to ride.  12V Heated Motorcycle Gear from VentureHeat includes head to toe heated apparel to keep you warm no matter how cold the temperature falls.

Heated motorcycle gear not only enables you to ride longer during the cold weather, but also ride more comfortably and more safely.  By regulating your body temperature, you can focus your entire attention on the road ahead rather than having to deal with cold temperatures which can limit your mobility and control over the bike while out on a ride.

Each item in the 12V Heated Gear lineup includes a battery harness and built-in fuse.  After a quick set-up of connecting the harness to the terminals on the battery, you are ready to experience the luxury of having heated comfort during your ride.

VentureHeat offers a variety of products to keep you warm, from the Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner,  12V Heated Vests, 12V Heated Pant Liners, Heated Motorcycle Boot Liners, as well as Heated Motorcycle Gloves and Glove Liners.

All of VentureHeat’s Heated 12V Gear can be connected together using only one battery harness.  They also feature multi-zone temperature controls for an even greater degree of customization.  For instance, let’s say you choose to wear a complete outfit of heated gear with a Heated Jacket Liner, Heated Gloves, Heated Pant Liners, and Heated Insoles. With the temperature controllers that come standard with both the Heated Jacket Liner and Heated Pant Liners, (as well as the Heated Vests), you can control the heat on your upper body with a separate setting than your lower body.

The Heated Jacket Liner features pre-wired connectors in a concealed zip-up pocket near the cuffs to quickly plug in the Heated Gloves.  The Heated Pant Liners have a similar feature for the Heated Insoles. Configuring your gear in this manner allows you to control the temperature for both your jacket and gloves with one controller while the other controller adjusts your pants and insoles.  You will find this highly beneficial when out on the road especially if your hands and chest are prone to getting colder than the rest of your body.


After getting off your motorcycle, the quick release coax connectors easily unhook so you will never have to worry about tipping your bike over in the event that you forget to unhook the cables before walking away.  The connectors on the clothing can quickly be hidden away in the discreet, zippered pockets.  This feature is highly desirable in situations where you are wearing your motorcycle gear after you get off the bike, like when stopping to get something eat or refueling.

The idea behind the design of the heated motorcycle gear is to maintain a neutral look.  The clothing is constructed to be thin enough to be worn under you usual motorcycle gear.  That way, you can still maintain the same style you desire with the added bonus of being able to wear heated gear underneath.

All of the Heated Motorcycle Gear uses hair-thin micro fibers in the heating elements.  Unlike other companies that use bulky cables and coils to heat the clothing, VentureHeat’s apparel is both coil-free and cable-free.  The Xtreme Comfort Technology (XCT) heating panels provide maximum warmth while maintaining their flexibility.  The heating panels move freely with the fabric of the clothing itself, so you will never notice any obtrusive or uncomfortable cables that many of the other heated clothing companies use.

Learn more about the VentureHeat’s XCT heating panels.

We know that you love to ride, now you can more comfortably.  Check out our selection of 12V Heated Motorcycle Gear to stay out on the road longer.

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10 thoughts on “12V Heated Motorcycle Gear

  1. I’ve seen battery operated socks, but nothing quite so intense as this. Would make those sub-zero rides a bit nicer, I’m sure! Just checked out the prices and really, not that bad if they will keep you that warm.

  2. I am riding a HD ultra limited and my wife and I take a 9 day trip every June. next year we are going to tour the Colorado Rockies and expect to hit some cold temps at elevation. I am considering venture 12V heated jacket liners and pant liners. Can I run both sets at the same time and does it take two battery hookups or can I use one battery hookup with a Y cable?

    • Hi Vince,
      A ride through the Rockies in sounds like an awesome trip! You can certainly connect both sets of heated gear to your motorcycle with only one battery harness (which is included with all of our 12V heated gear).

      Before hooking up your gear, first check with the bike’s manufacturer that your bike is able to handle the draw from the heated gear.
      For each jacket the Draw is 6.9-7.8 Amps (83W)
      For each pair of pants, the Draw: 3.8-4.5 Amps (46W)

      To connect the pants and jacket to the battery harness, you will need a Y Splitter Cable The jacket and pants have separate temperature controllers so you can control the heat independently from one another.

      If your wife is riding on the same bike, you would also need an Extension Coax Cable to connect her gear.

      You would then need one more Y Splitter Cable connected to the battery harness that you would then both plug into.

      So, you would connect the battery harness to your bike’s battery. You would then connect a Y Splitter to the harness. On one end of the Y Splitter, you would connect another Y Splitter which would be connected to the driver’s jacket and pants. On the other end of the Y Splitter coming from the battery harness, you would connect the Coax Extension cable to reach the passenger who would plug a Y Splitter into the Extension to connect their jacket and pants.

      In total you would need:
      2 Jacket Liners
      2 Pant Liners
      1 Coax Extension Cable
      3 Y Splitter Cables
      1 Battery Harness (Comes standard with the jackets/pants)

      I hope this helps answer a few of your questions, and please let us know if you have any more. Have a great ride this summer, we would love to hear all about it upon your return!

  3. is there a converter that will let you use the 7.5v jacket attached to a 12v motorcycle battery in case the 7.5v battery is exhausted?

  4. This is a good invention. I never thought someone can think of making this but anyway, this gear is very helpful to people driving during winter so, there’s no more hindrance to their hobby.

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