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Battery Heated Gloves

Venture Heat battery heated gloves, glove liners and mittens are some of the best gloves you can buy! They're the perfect solution to keep your hands warm, comfortable and dry for any occasion or outdoor event. Featuring the latest in wearable heating technology and warmth retention, Venture Heat gloves are designed with a modern look and advanced features to give you the finest gloves in the market. For the techie on the go and in the cold, Venture heat gloves also feature touch screen compatibility so that you can stay connected while your hands stay warm. Choose one of three levels of heat to cater to the exact amount you need when the weather conditions are cold and wet. Plus, each of the 7V powered gloves come with two rechargeable, form-fitting lithium-ion battery packs and a dual wall charger. These battery heated gloves are quick to charge, and will supply added heat for up to five hours!

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